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"At OHAMBO*, we are passionate about traveling. We made this app to help people plan their trips in a clear and orderly way."

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* OHAMBO means 'trip' in Zulu language, the language of the Zulu people of South Africa.

Our Story

While planning our trips, we were always confronted with the following two problems:

It would be nice if there was an app that could do all of that. We searched the app stores and found some viable candidates. But after testing, we noticed that it always took a huge amount of time to enter a single trip plan into the app. Too many options and features make things very complicated.

That’s why we created our OHAMBO trip planner app and web tool. To give users an easy way to organize the information that really matters about their trip plan.

How it works

1. Create a new trip

Create a new trip by choosing a location and date for your departure and return.

2. Destination planning

Add a destination for each day of your trip.

3. Transport options

OHAMBO will propose the most common transport options for each part of your trip. Or you can define your own.

4. Add your tickets, vouchers, ...

Add your valuable documents directly from the app. Or email them to so we can add them automatically.

5. Take notes, collect weblinks

Add notes: tips, useful web links, addresses, ... Everything that you need during your trip.

6. Take it with you

During your trip, we will show you all information and documents for that day. Just open the app and you will find everything you need.

Trip Planning Made Easy

OHAMBO will help you plan your next trip.

Key features of OHAMBO trip planner:

On the road, OHAMBO will give you access to all your information and documents you need every day of your trip.

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